“The Voice of our Heart”

Leo Verne during a Singing Workshop in Silvacane Abbey, France

Our soul is visited by a silence. Our body is a sacred temple, where a Song sounds, rejoicing our Heart, awakening us to a silence.

Leo Verne has been teaching singing for thirty years.

His pedagogic approach, based on the scientific laws of Harmony, develops the natural resonance of the sound through the whole body as our first musical instrument.

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Next Session :

“La Voix du Coeur”, une expérience d’expansion de conscience

18, 19 et 20 Octobre 2019 à Valence, France

Organisation : Joïa Paillard, +33 (0)6 68 59 20 95, joia@lenectardulotus.fr

Past Singing Workshops : “The Voice of our Heart”

  • Abbaye de Tarasteix, Hautes Pyrennées, France, les 27, 28 et 29 Décembre 2018, en français et anglais.
  • Sainte-Croix, Canton de Vaud, Suisse, les 5 et 6 Janvier 2019, en français et anglais.
  • Wetzikon, Zürich Kanton, Schweiz, 12. und 13. Januar 2019, in deutsch und englisch.
  • Assisi, Italia, 2nd and 3rd February 2019, in italian and english.
  • Inari Lake, North Finland, 2nd and 3rd March 2019, in english.
  • Zvenigorod, Russia, 6th and 7th April 2019, in russian and english.
  • Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, Québec, Canada, 27 et 28 Avril 2019, en français et anglais.
  • Césarée, Israël, 4th and 5th May 2019, in english.

Morning Vocal Work on the air “Ombra mai fu”, Opera Xerses, Georg Friedrich Haendel

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