Hello Friends !

I launch a new Musical Improvization Circle : The HarmoniA Ring. Please see my new page : leoverne.ch/harmonia-ring.

This project has been maturing for two years, since our meeting in Switzerland with the great improvizator and violonist Jho Dwild. See jhodwild.com, and you will understand how Jho is an amazing Musician.

We are preparing many teasers to offer you the taste of the weird music we are playing. Our musical spirit is to compose our own compositions by working out very famous pieces from the baroque and classical repertoires, from Bach arias to Borodine or Arvo Pärt, and also popular melodies, jazz standards, world music songs, etc. and introducing into them harmonic improvization with various colours of instruments : violin, voices, piano, cello,  flutes, guitar, percussions, and ancient string instruments like my afghanistani harmonic dilruba, indian harmonium, etc.

As we are both multi-instrumentists, we have decided with Jho to give our first Concerts this autumn with a duet. They will take place all over Switzerland, where we live, and then in other countries, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Great Britain, Israël, Africa, India (Green Matheran Festival)…

Progressively, we shall invite musicians to join us in our Concerts, in order to enjoy you with more and more musical colours !

If you wish to invite us to play where you live, please contact us by the contact page.

Be who you are ! And do your best !

Best Regards,

Leo Verne.