HarmoniA Ring

Music reveals the harmony we are composed with !

Conducted by Leo Verne

The HarmoniA Ring is born in July 2019 through the meeting between Jho Dwild, violonist, jhodwild.com, and Leo Verne, musician and conductor.

Our HarmoniA Ring is an eclectic ensemble of variable geometry gathering young talents for each concert program.

The HarmoniA Ring will give its first concerts in Switzerland in November 2019 with The HarmoniA Duo, Jho Dwild, Violin, and Leo Verne, Piano and Voice.

The HarmoniA Ring plays its own compositions inspired by famous baroque and classical music pieces – Bach, Haendel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Schubert, Mahler, Tchaïkovski, Moussorsky, Sibelius, Borodine, Scriabine, Ravel, Arvo Pärt… , airs from the sacred traditions – hebraic, gregorian, byzantine, slavonic, indian, persian…, popular or ritual melodies – italian, celtic, greek, finnish, siberian, nordic, amerindian… pop music airs and jazz standards.

All compositions of the HarmoniA Ring let a large latitude to improvisation.

Our Music is offered as a way of revealing in us the intimate harmony we are composed with.

In order to awake our hearts to unconditional love and joyfully celebrate life.

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Sun dancing a light melody on Thun Lake, Switzerland, video by Martin Bartsch