Let us create together a better world !

  1. A Nomadic Festival : A World Tour in Eighty Days !

  2. Leo Verne Music High Schools

  3. Leo Verne University

  4. MetaTera Innovations : The Leonardo Style

  5. LV Media

  6. B. A. Bank

  7. Children Houses

  8. Local Philanthropic Actions



We can definitively create together a better world.

Let us give birth to a more peaceful, sustainable and creative Humanity !

Our five root values, which we propose to actively develop through our HeartH

Foundation are Respect, Integrity, Solidarity, Creativity and Eco-Responsability.

By serving those root values, by integrating them in our lives and on our Earth, we can provide the best local and global solutions to our world in order to live and work in full respect of the cosmic, immemorial laws of Harmony.

Our HeartH Foundation is a hearth to inspire, feed and enlighten our world in all fields of the human activity. Notably Education, Science, Environnement and Arts. Let us be inspired and fruitful !

The HeartH Foundation is a NGO, the Mother Structure that gathers Partners & Funds to finance, create and structure A Nomadic Festival, Leo Verne Music High Schools, Leo Verne University, A Nomadic Festival, Leo Verne Music High Schools, Leo Verne University, MetaTera Innovations, LV Media, B. A. Bank and Local Philanthropic Actions.

The HeartH Foundation is a new threshold in Leo Verne’s professional life, as a way to share the fruits of 40 years work as a Quantum Physicist, Strategic Intelligence Expert and Musician.

See : www.leoverne.ch/about-me.

The HeartH Foundation is in process of declaration with the juridical support of GN Treuhand, Liechtenstein, www.gngroup.li.

The HeartH Foundation Comitee is an ethic guarantee of the viability of all initiatives.

See : www.leoverne.ch/heart-foundation/comitee.

The HeartH Foundation exclusively gathers financial, private and institutional Partners who agree with its aim and missions, as ethic investors for a better, more peaceful, sustainable and creative world.

If Your Company, Institution or NGO is interested as a Partner, please contact us at



HeartH Foundation

Rue de l’Industrie 65, CH – 2746 Crémines

+41 (0)78 911 89 71 – hearth.foundation22@gmail.com – www.leoverne.ch


  1. A Nomadic Festival : A World Tour in Eighty Days !

A Nomadic Festival : A World Tour in Eighty Days ! (co-)organizes Events all over the world, gathering prestigious Musicians, Artists and Scientists and local young Musicians and Artists.

A Nomadic Festival is a festive and mediatic way to promote HeartH Foundation Activities, as Leo Verne Music High Schools, Leo Verne

University, MetaTera Innovations, LV Media, B. A. Bank and its Local Philanthropic Actions.

A Nomadic Festival offers to all Financial and Business Partners a worldwide mediatic exposure.

A Nomadic Festival first public Events will take place in May 2019 in Israël.

VIP Events are also in process of organization in November 2018 in Israël, in March 2019 in Switzerland, in April 2019 in Russia, in May 2019 in Canada, in June 2019 in Germany and France.

Other public Events are in process to be co-organized in Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania, notably with the partnership of A.F.A.A., French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A new CD & DVD Label : A World Tour in Eighty Days, produced by LV Media, will offer the best Concerts & Events of the Nomadic Festival, in partnership with Medici TV, Maestro, ARTE TV,Channel Four, NHK, Bossa Nova Films, etc.


  1. Leo Verne Music High Schools

Leo Verne Music High Schools are the result of 40 years Music teaching by Leo Verne.

The first LVMHS will take place in a historical House of 450 m2, with a farm to restore, and a 12.000 m2 park, nearby Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

They will provide :

– Music lessons to Children and Teenagers from 0 to 18 years old, with local Music Teachers.

– Music Masterclasses given by prestigious Musicians from all over the world.

– Local Concerts and Lectures.

Others projects are in process of organization in Israël, Russia, Germany, Canada, China and Japan.


  1. Leo Verne University

Let us learn to create the best solutions !

Leo Verne University will take place in Neuchatel, in an historical

Building of 2.500 m2.

It will provide :

– Courses, lectures and workshops to postgratuated Students from all over the world and professionals in Finance, Management and High Tech Ingeneering, in four main

disciplines : Dynamic Governance, Ontologic & Phenomenologic Leadership, Sustainable Innovation and Mindfulness.

Those postgraduated cycles will offer new Diplomas.

– International Academic Congresses in Science and Management, in partnership with Swiss Universities and High Schools, gathering Scientists and Business specialists from all over the world. For example, the first Academic Congress we shall organize is ≪ Water Solutions ≫, gathering in Neuchatel Hydrogeologists and other Water Specialists from all over the world. Water is life !

– Scientific Lectures, Films, Concerts and Events open to a large public, in partnership with Neuchâtel University and La Ville de Neuchâtel.

We shall also welcome in that historical building a Gastronomic Restaurant, rented every three months to a wellknown Chef and her/his Team, and an Oenoteque, rented all year long to a Team of Oenologists, serving and selling the natural and organic best wines from Switzerland and other Countries.

Two luxuous Attiques of 200 m2 will be built at the top of that building, rented every week to Business (wo)men and Companies, in partnership with Beau Rivage, Beau Lac and Palafit Hotels. Those two Attiques are conceived as pilot flats offering innovations in Domotics. Those concepts will be sold as a High Tech Label,

The Leonardo Style.


  1. MetaTera Innovations : The Leonardo Style

MetaTera Innovations are High Tech Innovations with the new label :

The Leonardo Style

The first innovations that will be launched are :

  • a quantum electroacoustic system, MetaTera Sound System, invented by Leo Verne,  for Cellphones, Computers, Domotics, Open spaces, Concert Halls, Cinemas, Nightclubs, Railway Stations, Airports, Buses, Trains and Jets.
  • a quantum engine, MetaTera Engine, invented by Leo Verne and his Engineering Team, for bikes, cars, buses, trains, jets and helicopters.
  • a water purifying system, Light Water, based on quantum vibration fields, invented by Cyril Raphaël Kiepura. For homes, schools, private companies and institutional buildings, and for lakes, rivers and seas.


  1. LV Media

LV Media will give birth to :

  • LV TV, a TV on line.
  • LV Radio, a Radio on line.
  • LV Books, a Publishing House
  • LV Label, publishings CDs & DVDs, notably the Concerts of the Nomadic Festival.


  1. B. A. Bank

  • A. Bank will be a business bank, which will offer a complete independence to the whole HeartH Foundation Program, and enable sustainable support and financing of sustainable innovations.


  1. Children Houses

Let us learn to live together !

The transformation of our world begins with a better education. New generations need to learn to live together, in order to give birth to a more peaceful, sustainable and creative Humanity.

Children Houses welcome free all children to play, make music, dance, learn langages and make a garden, or simply rest.

HeartH Foundation is the Mother Structure that gathers Partners & Funds to finance Children Houses, employ Teachers and Assistants, concern local Authorities to assure the security of Children and buildings, and, if possible, give access to uninhabited houses and areas.


  1. Local Philanthropic Actions


The more i give, the more i receive !

  • Create and Build a first Ecole – Dôme : Five Elements to develop natural Children Abilities, with Julien Schilaneck and Joanna Comes. In Villecroze, Haut-Var, France.
  • Create and Build a first Max Schaeffer Asselineau Residence, All Confort and Securized Full Time Residence for Aged Persons with lowest Rents. In Villecroze, Haut-Var, France.
  • Financial and Pedagogic Support to La Pouponnière, Babies House for Orphelines, in Dakar, Senegal.
  • Financial Support to restaure the Concert Piano Steinway & Sons of the Great Concert Hall of Einsiedeln Abbey, Schwytz Canton Switzerland.
  • Operation : Bikes for Children from the Vietnamese Children belonging to the Ethnic Minorities, with Frere Philippe Celerier, Missionnary Brother in Vietnam.

20 €/bike, through souscription. The whole funds gathered are invested in bikes.

  • ICT Project in Benin, Financial, Second Hand Hardware and Pedagogic Support for a Pedagogic and Business Program to teach new High Technologies to Teenagers in Benin.
  • Lighting up Consciousness Electroacoustic Device for Nightclubs, in Sao Paolo, Brasil, with Paolo Perez, Paritii Company and Bossa Nova Films Company.
  • Financial support for the restoration program of Abbaye de Tarasteix, Hautes Pyrennées, France.
  • Sequoïa Seeds : Your kids will climb up to the top ! A crowdfunding for growing sequoïas in California and other areas, and a pedagogical program for children.
  • Planting Fruit Trees on Earth ! A wworldwide crowdfunding program.

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