Why i live in Switzerland…

Why i live in Switzerland…

an anwer to Laurence’s question

I have been living in the Swiss Paradise for twenty-five years because, when i got back from Russia, in 1994, i chose this country for three main reasons : three fundamental qualities of the majority of its inhabitants. The first is a deep sense of working, and often […]

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About Inspiration…

About Inspiration…

A tribute to Laurence, who asked me where from my inspiration comes !

The inspiration comes as the rain, as the snow suddenly falls.

The inspiration comes from the core of our heart, the intimate place which knows how to rely to the source of life, to the genie of nature, to the magie of being.

The inspiration […]

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Launching The HarmoniA Ring, a creative Musical Circle

Hello Friends !

I launch a new creative Musical Circle : The HarmoniA Ring. Please see my new page :

This project has been maturing for two years, since our meeting in Switzerland with the great improvizator and violonist Jho Dwild. See, and you will understand how Jho is an amazing Musician.

We are preparing many […]

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This morning…

Bonjour !

Ce matin, je suis à Ax-les Thermes, en Ariège, où je suis resté trois jours à travailler avec ardeur, à écrire mon nouvel ouvrage : “Terre d’Eden”. C’est un essai philosophique, où l’actualité de notre monde vient à s’éclairer à la lumière des Ecritures sacrées, la Bible, le Coran, la Bagavad Gita, le I […]

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Welcome on my new website

Hello !

Welcome on my new website, focalized on my work as a musician, physicist, author and creator of the Nomadic Festival and the HeartH Foundation.

The first public Events of the Nomadic Festival are coming soon. I go in Israël, from 18th to 29th November, with my Media Partner and Friend Pascal Buergis. With Michelle Bensusan, […]

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