Why i live in Switzerland…

an anwer to Laurence’s question

I have been living in the Swiss Paradise for twenty-five years because, when i got back from Russia, in 1994, i chose this country for three main reasons : three fundamental qualities of the majority of its inhabitants. The first is a deep sense of working, and often of excellence. The second is the sens of the other : empathy, heartfulness. The third is the ecological spirit as a way of taking care of everyday life, of our marvelous, blue, little planet earth. I shall add, after all those years, the meeting with numerous gifted Musicians, like Yehoudi Menuhi, with whom i have the extraordinary luck to nourrish a deep relationship, grace to my Friend Giovanni Mastropaolo.

Those human qualities are very fertile in my aim to always learn from others, to improve myself every day. Obviously i do love my native country, France. But, because of my celtic and piemontese roots, i never really felt myself as a French guy. In fact, i feel myself as a Terrian, a Matriot of Mother Earth. And i feel closer to Amerindian, Siberian, African and Asian People than most of European ones. My root values are focused on the stars and on the Earth. The french spirit and the average french way of life is too much ! Too much grumpy, viscerally unsatisfied, too much individualist, too often depressed, too much arrogant and showy, with an hypocrital and perverted behaviour towards money. Most french intellectuals and artists nourrish a tribal, infertile and outdated pride of primates with over-developped minds.

As far as i am concerned, humility is the ever first quality of a human being, because it guarantees fertile relationships and a learning spirit. It relies us to a matricial and mothern heritage with Mother-Earth, for 4,5 billions of years ! And our misplaced pride as homo sapiens sapiens has for centuries fomented a decadent, non-soil civilization, with a majority of crazed, idiot people, compeletly manipulated by their reptilian, archaic fear, their cupidity, their thirst for recognition and power, their lack of celestial and terrestrial roots.

Therfore, with an ounce of common sense and awareness, we could realize that we owe our lives, along thousands of generations, to myriads of beings who were able to cultivate a natural spirit of growing and prosperity, by simple respect for our cosmic vehicle, as a sacred vessel. And i do believe that Faith in Life, the magie of Nature, , the fabulous epic of human consciousness are the fruits of a Divine Will, which invites us to a great feast, and to engage our steps and our voices on the way of our cosmic paternity and our terrestrial maternity, cum grande humilitate, as Francesco d’Assisi chanted in his Cantico del Frate Sole !

Human work is the humble work of our hands, our heart and our mind. Silent meditation, as Singing and playing Music, widely opens us to our soul, which is light, an initiatic, inspirative and imperative light like our inner empress. I like to call this light the kingdom of our soul, what our Christian Tradition calls the Kingdom of Heaven, the shamanic Tradition the Spirit of our Ancestors and the Buddhist Tradition the Akashic Memories. Meditating, praying, contemplating gives us a direct and sutainable acces to an immemorial consciousness, to an almighty, discreet and fertile light, the source of inspiration. Meditating, praying, contemplating opens us an infinite space, where, by everyday practice, we can feel our true vocation, which naturally tunes itself with the Divine Will and leads us to the mysterious ways where we can engage our steps.

My musical vocation is the natural fruit of an everyday pratice of tuning myself with the cosmic harmonies and forces which govern our life, as they govern the dance of the stars and the whirl of our emotions. Life is an everyday practice of Harmony, in which all our relationships, with our environnement, with our human sisters and brothers, are called to tune with the cosmic laws that create and shape us at each moment. And that practice is facilitated by an art of attention to each being. And i can witness that the intensive frequentation of Musicians rejoices me, gives matter of expansion to my humble consciousness of life, my awareness to grow like a tree deeply rooted in Earth and in the sky, a simple tree which naturally gives fruits and nourrishes its close and far environnement.

Saint-Raphaël, 4th September 2019, Leo Verne.