About Inspiration…

A tribute to Laurence, who asked me where from my inspiration comes !

The inspiration comes as the rain, as the snow suddenly falls.

The inspiration comes from the core of our heart, the intimate place which knows how to rely to the source of life, to the genie of nature, to the magie of being.

The inspiration is the natural fruit of a permanent exercise : deep breathing, while the inspire lets spring an amazing light, always new, creative by nature, at each moment.

Yesterday, early in the morning, i have composed a Septuor for Mezzo-Soprano, Barytone, Violin, Cello, Oboe and Basson. It was a way of answering to a command for a Concert in Zürich next winter with our HarmoniA Ring.

Melodies, notes and words came spontaneously from a fountain, the springing water of which i just let flow with the coming emotions, in order to share those emotions, and offer them directly to the hearts of the persons who will listen to.

As far as i am concerned, the first aim of Music is to share emotions, and, through those emotions, to lighten up the consciousness up to an altitude wher our spirit celebrates life.

That’s it : Live deeply our emotions in their rich palette in order to tune ourselves and reach an unisson where Music joins Silence, where our spirit directly drinks at the pure source, where our soul reveals itself as belonging to that source.

The brief teaser i placed on the bottom of the presentation page of our HarmoniA Ring, is silent and discreet. The sun dances a silent melody which announces the rich palette of colours we shall offer during our Concerts, as in the future teasers that we shall record very soon, in the beginning of october, and then share on Youtube and in this website and jhodwild.com.