Hello !

Welcome on my new website, focalized on my work as a musician, physicist, author and creator of the Nomadic Festival and the HeartH Foundation.

The first public Events of the Nomadic Festival are coming soon. I go in Israël, from 18th to 29th November, with my Media Partner and Friend Pascal Buergis. With Michelle Bensusan, founder of “My Perfect Event” in Eilat, we shall prepare two Events Tours, scheduled in May and September 2019.

We shall meet different prospective Partners : Financial (Isrhotel, Chopard, Smartair and Transavia Companies), institutional (Ambassadeur et Consul de France), mediatic (Event4 News, National TV), musical (Zubin Mehta, Conductor of Israël Philharmonic Orchestra) and cultural (Concert Spots).

We shall visit wonderful Concert Spots, in Césarée, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Massada and Eilat.


We shall meet young talentuous Musicians, in order to invite them to join our Leo Verne Orchestra, and prepare the two Concert Tours of May and September 2019.

There is much bread on the table, and the stars reflect upon it !

The aim of those Concert Tours in Israël is essentially spiritual, in a wide way. It is also strategic, in order to launch our HeartH Foundation in a region of our world, that needs peace witnesses.

The Nomadic Festival is a festive and mediatic vector of the whole program of our HeartH Foundation. The main purpose of HeartH Foundation is to offer sustainable solutions to give birth together to a more peaceful, creative, solidary and eco-responsible world. And more fruitful, for the well-being of all human beings. In order to avoid the violent, freedom-killing lobbies which slow the evolution of our humankind.

The first philanthropic actions of our HeartH Foundation are also in process of launching.

We shall vectorize private funds to local, focalized, open-hearted and fruitful actions for babies, children and teenagers in Senegal, Benin, Mali, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Bresil.

Have a look on the details of those “Philanthropic Actions” on the page : leoverne.org/hearth-foundation/philanthropic-actions.

If you wish to participate, according to your own possibilities, of those local and focalized philanthropic actions of our HeartH Foundation, send an email to hearth.foundation22@gmail.com, and notify in which action you feel concerned. So you will receive the participation modalities, and their fiscal advantages.

Companies can also participate financially to those philanthropic actions, with interesting fiscal advantages, because of the special modalities in defiscalizing funds for official Foundations. We have the best juridical consultants for that defiscalization operations with our official Juridical Partner GN Finance Group, www.gngroup.li, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein and our Bank Partner LGT Bank, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

For all questions and contact, please send an email to Leo Verne : dlverne@gmail.com or hearth.foundation22@gmail.com

All the best in your life !

Cheerfully yours,

Ax-les-Thermes, 15th October 2018, Leo Verne.


Léo Verne


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